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Please use the Online Bible Link to obtain the scriptures you need to read if you do not have your own Bible

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Adversity. What exactly is adversity? Adversity is a hardship, misfortune, affliction, or trouble, that hinders us in the path of life that we, as humans, have chosen. When somethings steps in our way and causes us to stumble, or creates a barrier to the fulfillment of our dreams, ambitions, and life’s promises, we tend to become irritable, frustrated, and easily annoyed. Each of us will react differently to the adversity we face each day. We may want to give up on the dream all together. But what we must do, instead, is to take some time out of our suffering and ask God what he choses for us to do next. Maybe he has a different road for you to travel down. Maybe he has put you on a detour because he sees the path isn’t steady up ahead. Remember he has a knowledge of all things, including where your life will take you. We may have dreams, hopes, ambitions. He may make plans to fulfill those hopes and dreams, but only God is incontrol of where I life will take us. He directs each step. He has a purpose for you and he will set you on the right path. When you falter and travel down the path he has not chosen for you, things will envariably happen to set you on the right course again. So next time you face adversity in your life, remember it could be God telling you something isn’t right. Take the time to ask him what to do next. You just might find he has something much better in store for you.


Read Proverbs Chapter 6 in its entirity.

Read Matthew Chapters 16 through 18 in its entirity


The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.

Psalm 34:17

I have faced much adversity in my life. Many times I have cried out in my grief and frustration. I have often wondered what went wrong. Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? I really felt that way a few months ago when I was laid off from my contract assignment and the company I worked for, du to unethical practices, caused me to disqualify for my unemployment. Being a single mother who does not get child support, I was devastated. I felt life had thrown me a curve ball. I didn’t know what I was going to do, and I certainly didn’t think this was fair to me at all. I fought it, and I prayed about it, I appealled my case, had over one hundred documents to prove my case, had even gone to an attorney who said I should win my case, but in the end, I still was not victorious. I was certain that justice would prevail. But God had other plans. I wanted to be angry with him, but I had to accept His decision. Getting angry wouldn’t do me any good. I had to realize that He had a reason for the outcome, though I couldn’t understand it, or agree with it. Sometimes, things are just out of our control.


I know you are in control over all things, including my life. I know I don’t always agree with your decisions regarding the direction of my life, but I trust that you will do what is best for me. When I face adversity, please give me the strength and knowledge to accept it with reasonableness and assurance that only good will come of it. Thank you for watching me steps and stopping me in advance from making dreadful mistakes. It is in your name I pray.



Read Acts Chapter 6 in its entirity

Walk for 30 minutes


Read Psalms Chapters 26 through 30

In your meditation journal, write down all the adversities you have have in your lifetime and how they affected your chosen path in life. Explain how you could have handled the situations(s) better, then, when you face your next adversity, be better prepared to handle it.

In your prayer journal pray for strenght during adversity. Pray for a positive attitude. Ask God to move you through it without sorrow, or grief, or anger, or frustration. Allow him the power to guide you. Ask him to heal you from past experiences with adversity. Ask him to help you learn from them and to gain wisdom.

Rest in the Lord tonight.

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