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Please use the Online Bible Link to obtain the scriptures you need to read if you do not have your own Bible

Online Bible

Worry. We are natural-born worriers. We worry over our taxes, our finances, our children and families, our friends. There isn’t anything we don’t worry about. Worry probably consumes 1/3 of our life. It is another things that brings us down into deep depression. And I have to ask why we allow ourselves to worry. Why must me always fret over things that are totally beyond our control. God is with us. He is watching over us continually. He is never seperate from us. He is beside us at all times, making sure that we are safe, protected, well-taken care of in ever facet of our lives. He is our shield and our protector. He knows our needs and he is willing to provide for them in every way. We must never worry. When we feel ourselves on the verge of worry, we must stop ourselved immediately. We must divert that worry into prayer instead, handing it over to God. He is in control of all things. He will take care of you. He has taken care of me for years. He has never let me down. Not even once.


Read Proverbs Chapter 3 in its intirity.

Read Matthew Chapter 7 through 9


Give all your worries and care to God, for he cares about what happens to you.

1 Peter 5:7

I was a constant worrier. I was so uptight all the time that I could not sit still. My leg shook back and forth constantly that I got on my parents nerves. My dad wouldn’t even sit near me for fear that I would kick him. My mother would literally have to hold my leg down to keep it still. I was a royal basket case. Worry consumed me day and night. I could not run from it fast enough. It would always catch up with me. I worried about my job situation, my finances, my daughter’s safety, my house, my car, my pets, and the like. My job was ending, and I knew it in advance, but the employment situation was horrible. I could not find another job and in May when my last day came, I wondered what would happen to my house, to my car. Would we have food to eat? Would I find another job? How would I provide for my child? So many questions went through my mind. But I had help and support around me, from my church friends, to my parents. I prayed continually to God regarding my situation. My parents paid my bills for six months and bought my groceries. It is funny how I got the job I have now. I responded to an add and the company called me almost right away. I set up an interview and was given directions. The job was in a part of town I knew nothing about. I kept getting lost. I was 15 minutes late for the interview and was certain I wouldn’t make a good impression. At one time I had almost given up and turned to go back home. But something inside me told me, "This is the job that God wants you to have." So I finally made it to the interview. The owners of the company were impressed with me and told me so more than once. I left there feeling pretty good. I waited for a call the next day, but it didn’t come. So I picked up the phone and called, only to be told the the two positions had been filled. The owner told me, however, that they would keep my resume on his desk if something were to come up. I said okay, and was pleasant enough. I did not really expect to hear from them, but low and behold, three weeks later, I received a call from them. They were expanding and needed another girl to fill a position in the accounting department. I started that following week. See God is always at work in your life. It is just in his timing not yours.



I know I am not perfect, that I sometimes needlessly worry, even over trivial things in my life. I make myself sick. People don’t even want to be around me when I worry so much. So today, Lord, I am casting all my worries and cares upon you. I want you to handle them for a while. Take the burden from me. Fill me with peace and satisfaction. You know better than I do, what I need. I trust you enough to see that I get them. It is in your name I pray.



Read Acts Chapter 3 in its intirity

Walk for 30 minutes - Today ask a friend to join you.

Today, remove all sugar from your diet. This will be hard. It is a known fact that diabetes can cause depression in some patients. Sugar can greatly affect one’s mood especially during the premenstrual phase.


Read Psalms Chapter 11 to 15

In your meditation journal jot down the things that you worry about constantly. Once you determine those things you worry about, number them in relation to your biggest worry to your smallest worry. Once you have identified you biggest worry, I want you to answer these questions? Is this matter really worth worrying over? What is the worst thing that could happen if this were to happen? What is the best thing that could happen? Alright, now go one step further. Suppose the worst thing did happen. List three things you can do to rectify this situation or three alternate plans you can put into effect to prepare yourself for the consequences. Does life seem so terrible to you now? Does it seem like a hopeless cause? I assure you that whatever it is going on in you life, it is not too big for God to handle. He will work out everything for your good.

In your prayer journal, ask God to come into your life as your protector. Whatever your worries are, give them over to God. Ask him to shoulder your problems for awhile. Allow him to rescue you from all of your worries so that you conconetrate on more important things in your life.

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