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Anger and aggression self-help

I am one who is easily angered. It is my very weakness, something I detest and abhor with every fiber of my being. At one time I thought I had it under control, only to find out that I was far from it. It has never left me. It was only laying dormant, waiting for a moment to rear its ugly head once again.

Anger is a manifestation of some inner turmoil. Anger controls us. It is embedded in our minds and won’t let go. In an instant I find myself in a rage. I am seething inside. I begin yelling, tossing things about, making a real spectacle of myself. Then when the tantrum is over, I am quite sorry for my behavior.

I tried reading books, but maybe I did not read them with enough conviction. I cannot say for sure.

I know that I must make a concerted effort every day to control my temper and not allow myself to become so embroiled in things that don’t really matter to begin with.

So what if the dog tore up my curtains, so what if my daughter spilled soda on the carpet. So what if . . . the if’s could go on for eternity. There are so many of them.

What I need to learn to do is to take a deep breath and walk away. Come back whatever disaster has occurred once I have cooled off. Then I can think more clearly, more logically, more sensibly.

But I react at the moment before I have time to think. I say words I don’t really mean. I cause others pain and suffering because of my temper. Then I feel guilty because of it.

Are you an angry and bitter person? Do you feel guilty because you have a bad temper?

It is okay to be angry. It is one of the emotions given to us by God. We were made imperfect, and God is well aware of it. He accepts us for who we are. But we should all strive to improve our lives so that anger does not get the best of us. We cannot please God if we are continually angry.

Today, trying looking deep inside yourself. What is the source of your anger?


Read Proverbs Chapter 2 in its intirity.

Read Matthew Chapters 4 through 6 in its intirity.


Dear brothers, don’t ever forget that is it best to listen much, speak little, and not become angry; for anger doesn’t make us good, as God demands that we must be.

James 1:19, 20

We are human, prone to human error. We were created to feel every emotion possible, from love, to hate, from joy to sadness, from peace to anger. We cannot stop ourselved from being angry. But we can change our patterns of behavior where anger is concerned. Today begin to take a long, hard look at the way anger controls your behavior. Can you stand some improvement. If so, make this the day you will begin your own anger management course. See how you can make positive changes in your attitude toward others. You’ll be glad you did.


Lord, I know I don’t always control my anger. I mess up every now and then. I ask your forgiveness for those times I am displeasing to you. Thank you for overlooking my faults. I ask that you help me through this day. Allow me to hold my temper in check. I know this is possible only through your guidance.



Read Acts Chapter 2 in its intirity.

Walk for 30 minutes

Sit quietly for 5 or ten minutes and clear your mind of all negative things. Do not give them power over you. Cleanse yourself of all things that make you angry. Then smile and return to your every day routine.

Today, remove all forms of caffiene from your diet. Caffiene is a depressant and can make you feel down, it can have numerous side effects.


Read Psalms 6 through 10 in its intirity.

In your meditation journal write down the one thing that makes you angry. Now write down these two questions: (1) How long have you been angry over this particular matter? (2) Why does it still make you angry after all this time? Now answer those two questions. Anger only makes you more miserable. You cannot be happy if you are emersed in anger all day, every day. Isn’t it time to let the anger go? Write down three plausible ways of dealing with your anger. Put a plan into place to effectively work on your anger. Then write down each step you must perform in order to take control of your anger. As you fulfill each step, put a gold star beside that particular item. Maybe you need to learn to forgive. Maybe you need to learn to trust. Maybe you just need to learn to forget. Whatever it is that keeps you holding on to this anger, diagnose the problem and begin to deal with it tonight. Don’t put it off any longer.

In your Prayer Journal ask God to forgive you for your loss of control. Ask him to restore peace into your soul. But as God forgives you, you must be willing to forgive others. If someone has hurt you, pray for God to give you the willingness to forgive them, and for the power to accept the situation as it is. Ask God for strength to make it through each day without getting angry and allow him the ability to work in your life. When the burdens of guilt and anger are lifted, you will find yourself emersed in blessings from God above and you will be restored to happiness once again.

Anger Tips and Advice for Christians

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