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A Rose Among Thorns mission is to give women courage, hope, inspiration, and encouragement. This web site is for any one who desires to enrich her life. It’s main focus is to help restore a woman’s self-confidence, help her to gain wisdom so that she can make sound decisions that will not only enhance her life, but improve it as well. It will assist her and help her in all areas of her life. From relationships, to children and family, to work, and so much more. Where she is weak, she will grow strong. Where she lacks drive and determination, she will find motivation. Where she grows despondent, she will find encouragement. Where she feels hopeless, she will discover that she is worthy. Where she feels helpless, she will be lifted up in spirit.

At some point in our lives, each and everyone of us needs support. We may not need it every day, or every week, or even every month. But the thing is, at some point in our lives, life will seem unbearable. Everything will hit us all at once. We will face adversity. We will grow weak with doubts, fears, worries. And when that happens, it will be nice to know that we have a support group that knows what we are going through. Someone who will never judge us, but inspire us and encourage us. Someone that will share her experience and offer valuable advice that could change our lives for the better. A Rose among thorns is instrumental in changing lives, touching hearts, and helping others achieve goals they never thought possible.

A Rose Among Thorns offers 4 Yahoo Support Groups and 4 Chat Rooms that you can join.  Each group is made up of a unique group of women.  These groups allow women to come together in a friendly and safe environment to share our stories, to make new friends, and to seek and find encouragement.
A Rose Among Thorns is not a professional counseling service.  For professional advice and counseling, please contact one of the many women's services provided on this website.  If you are suicidal, please contact 911 or your crisis hotline service immediately. 

My Yahoo Groups

A Rose Among Thorns - for spirituality

A Rose Among Thorns - for domestic violence

A Rose Among Thorns - fight against depression

A Rose Among Thorns - drug and alcohol recovery

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