A Rose Among Thorns

In the Face of Despiar Part IV

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I left Voest Alpine and went to work for Shell Oil Products as a contractor.  I started working there through AccounTemps, but I was not satisfied with them. I had been told by my supervisor, Tom Lovell, that it usually took about six months to become hired on permanently.
Well six months turned into three years.
I had asked Accountemps to help locate me a permanent job, but they would not help me.  Tom Lovell, had me sign up with Primary Services, so I did and worked with them for two and a  half years.
During the time that I was there, I watched a number of people lose their job due to lay-offs.  It was a sad and somber experience.  I knew that I would eventually lose my job.  But I was in no position to leave my job being a single mother an all.  In November Tom told all of us contractors (there were five of us), that we would be laid off.
Nancy Whitehurst was the first to go.  Then Michele and Mindy.  I was next.  Then Jessica.
I did everything I was suppose to do.  I went my to my Primary Services and filled out new paper work.  I had an interview with Natalie and with Mary Kay Henton.  I explained to her because of my Bipolar and my kidney disease, I could no longer work any contract positions because I needed insurance.  My medical bills are over $24,000.  I told her I strictly wanted temp-to-hire or direct hire.  It even stated this on my application.
But they were devious and she offered me a contract position anyway, knowing I would not accept it, thus denying my employment benefits. 
A this time, I am currently appealing the decision.  Mary-Kay lied under oath.  I have information showing that she lied and I am appealing this decision.  I took everything to an attorney.  He said I should get the appeal with all the information I have compiled, but he doesn't think they will give it to me.
So currently I am unemployed, without employment benefits, and looking for a job. 
It is easy for me to get discouraged and depressed.  But I have been praying every day, asking God to lead me to the job that He has for me.  I want to sometimes throw my hands up in the air and say to heck with it, God isn't going to help me.
But I have to realize that he is working on it.  He has a plan for me and when he is ready for me to return to work, he will give me the job. 
I have been devoted to prayer and relying on him for everything I need.  He will give me what I need, when I needed.  He will not put to much on my shoulders that I am not capable of handling.  He will give me strength when I ask.  He will give me  hope and encouragement.  I just have to believe in Him and had total faith. 
So next time you find yourself sad, depressed, aggravated, frustrated, angry, or whatever feelings you are having, open the Bible.  Pray.  Ask God to lift you from your mood.  He will be glad to help you in anything.
He is powerful and almighty.  He has the ability to do anything He wants.  You just have to ask him.


I desire everoyone to know the Lord as I know him, as my Savior. 
I have not always given time to think where I might end up when I die, until I chose to take my own life.  Depression led me to attempt suicide in January 2004.  I have hated my choice ever since.
My life seemed pretty desolate.  Everything was going wrong and I couldn't see a way out of it.  I was angry, hurt, feeling so alone.  I regret now the choice that I made.
Now I am taking a proactive choice in living.  I am in the Word daily, learning about the mirace that Jesus and God had performed, and about wisdom, and learning to live right with God.
Even though Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, for our sins, He is still alive today.  He rose and went to Heaven.  But He still works in our lives every day, giving us strength, wisdom, and the ability to do His will.
If you would like to learn more about Jesus Christ and His Father and would like to know how you can  know Him as your personal Savior, I would be glad to speak with you and share with you my experience and knowledge.
You can reach me at the email address below and we can talk about Jesus through email, or we can meet at my church (link to the church web site is also found below if you would like to learn more about Berean Baptist Church) and discuss things there, or at the library. 
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.


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