A Rose Among Thorns

Talk To Me About Alcohol and Drug Abuse

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If you suffer from drug and/or alcohol abuse, meeting with me can show you alternatives that can change your life for the better.
Drug addiction and alcoholism is becoming more and more prominent in todays society.
But you don't have to suffer any longer.  Find a rehabilitation center or alocoholics anonymous nearest you.  And find out ways you can change your life and make it better for those around you by accepting Christ as your personal Savior.

To talk to me about drugs or alcohol contact me at the email address below:


Topics of Discussion
Affects of Drinking and Drug Usage
Consequences of Drinking and Drug Abuse
Lack of Moral Responsibility
Lack of Family Responsibility
Take Responsibility
Treatment Centers
Self-Help Programs
Pyschological Counseling
Help for Family Members
How You Can Accept Jesus Chirst as Your Personal Savior

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