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Talk To Me About Depression and Suicide

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Discussing depression, suicide, and adding Christ to your life can be a life-saving event that can change  your whole outlook on living.  If you suffer from depression and if you may also suffer from thoughts of suicide, I strongly suggest you meet with me on how Christ might change your life as your personal Savior.
I will give you an in-depth view of depression.  I will share with you my personal journey through depression, how I recently have turned my life over to Christ and how you might do the same thing.
Christ is your friend.  He is waiting for you to come to him so that he can lift you from the pit of despair and give your strength and encouragement to face all of your problems.
He has made a difference in my life.  He can make a difference in yours.

To contact me about depression or suicide, please contact me at the email address below.


Topics of Discussion
Introduction into Mental Illness
Types of Mental Illness
Introduction into Depression
Signs & Symptoms
Where to Seek Further Information
Introduction into Suicide
Suicide Prevention
Motivational Therapy
How You Can Accept Jesus Christ as Your Personal Savior

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