A Rose Among Thorns

December 2006

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I had my surgery December 11.  I scheduled a week's vacation to recuperate.  I stayed with my parents that week.  I was not sure what to expect from the surgery, but I made it through.  I felt very little pain or discomfort.  For a while I was sensitive to the area.  When I returned to my parent's home after the surgery I called my supervisor to let him know how the surgery went.  He was amazed that I would be up to talking.  He had thought the surgery would be more taxing to me.  I had several people tell me the same thing.  My long time friend Joanne that I have know for 16 years came to see me and was amazed that I was sitting up, watching TV and was able to visit with her.  It was the very next day that I received a phone call from the doctor's office.  They informed me that the lumpectomy was a success and that they had gotten all the cancer.  It was a relief and a joy to hear those words.  We celebrated like we never celebrated before. 

You took the time to create me for a special purpose.  I am grateful that you did.  And I thank you for helping me through my surgery and for making it a success.  I know this all fits into your plan for my life.  I trust you wholeheartedly and can't wait to fill your purpose.  I want to serve you and to do your will gratefully.  I come to you with a thankful heart that you are mending my broken body.  Amen!

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