A Rose Among Thorns

Bible Studies For Women

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Abuse: Physical Abuse Force and physical abuse is not your husband's rightful place or authority in the home. Leadership and direction are his rightful place.

Abuse: Verbal Abuse Verbal abuse has the same potential to cause injury that physical abuse does. However, I do not believe it always has to damage us.

Alone in Moab Today many women are finding themselves alone, rejected and vulnerable. But God himself becomes the special protector of these women if they look to him.

Called to Be a Mother There are 21 studies in this session. They were written when my last child was a teenager, as we were going through some "rugged" times together. For a list of the studies, click the link.

Forgiveness Part 1: A Look at the Cross Have you received God's forgiveness? This is the first step in knowing how to forgive. We are able to truly love and forgive others only because God first loved and forgave us.

Forgiveness Part II: Bringing It Home When I realized how unforgiving I had been simply because I had parked my mind on the shortcomings of another, I realized how short I had fallen from God's ideal for me. I was just as much in need of forgiveness as the one who had offended me.

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