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More on Guilt


Guilt is just another emotion that makes us human. Sometimes it follows us everywhere we go. If we let it, guilt can consume us, make us feel bad, depressed, unloved, and undeserving. We should not allow ourselves to feel this way. When we know we have done something wrong, we should confront it head on. We should not run from it, pretend it didn’t happen, or make excuses for ourselves. We are human. We are apt to make mistakes. It shows our character when we admit when we have done wrong. People will admire us and respect us, and appreciate our taking responsibility for our mistakes.


Read Provers Chapter 8 in its entirity

Read Matthew Chapters 22 through 24 in its entirity


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

We are sinners by nature. No matter how hard we try, we can never live a flawless, perfect life as Jesus Christ did. There are temptations along the road of life. Invariable we always take a wrong turn and end up traveling a path that leads to destruction. We may hurt those we love, those who are closest to us, our friends, relatives, co-workers. It would be a great thing if we could foretell the future and know what mistakes we would make before we made. But life isn’t made that way. Mistakes can be painful. But they can be helpful if we are to learn from them. When you know you have made a mistake, confront it head on and take control of it before it can get out of control. Be brave and courageous. Show your integrity, your character. Show people what you are made of.



I know I’ve made my mistakes. I know I am not perfect and that I have hurt someone terribly. I ask for your forgiveness and for your guidance. Help me to travel down the path that leads to prosperity instead of destruction. Help me to be wise in my judgement of things so I don’t keep making the same mistakes over again.



Read Acts Chapter 8 in its entirity

Walk 30 minutes with a few of your closest friends


Read Psalms 36 through 40 in its entirity

In your meditation journal write down those things that you feel most guilty about. Write down how you could have done things differently had you chosen a different path. Who did you hurt? Have your asked their forgiveness? Have your forgiven yourself? If not, do so tonight.

In your prayer journal, ask God to forgive your for your sins and to take away your guilt. Be in prayer for the person that you hurt and ask God for guidance in the situation. Ask him to help you move past the moment and start living a guilt free life.

Be at peace with yourself. Rest in knowing that God has forgiven you and it is time you forgive yourself.

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