A Rose Among Thorns


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At one time or another we all find ourselves lacking in courage. What is courage? Defined by Webster’s Dictionary, courage is: The capacity to meet danger or difficulty with firmness; bravery. How does one obtain courage? Simply by knowing and believing that God is in control of every detail of our life, that he is guiding us, protecting us. He is our helper, for Hebrews 13:6 states the following: "So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me." He stands watch over us every minute of every day. He never gives you more than you can handle. He will never forsake you or leave you in distress. You can turn to him in a time of need and he will be your refuge.


Read Proverbs Chapter 7 in its entirity

Read Matthew Chapters 19 through 21


"Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord."

Psalm 27:14

I often think back to events around the world that have impacted all of society, such as the "Oklahoma Bombing", the "Destruction of the World Trade Center, and other such events, I can’t do so without thinking of the hundreds and thousands of courageous people that were there to help pull people out of burning debris and led them to safety. But I also have to remember that God gave them that courage. And God placed them in that situation to fulfill a purpose. We can never fully know his motives. but is it really for us to know. I have often wondered how I would react if I were to ever be put in a dangerous situation. Would I be selfish and only concerned for myself? Would I panic? Would I be able to think clearly in order to save myself, let alone someone else? Would I have courage? I don’t know the answer to thiat. But I hope God has instilled in me the same courage he has instilled in men and women all over the world. Today I salute them. But I also give God praise and glory for making the heroes of our society.



Sometimes when I am faced with difficult situations, I don’t find myself very courageous. Please help me to gain confidence in knowing that you are my Helper and my refuge, that I can trust in you for all things. Help instill in me a courageous heart, that I might be able to help others in a time of crisis. Thank you for all the heroes in my life, and for those that I have never met. I give you all praise and glory. Amen.


Read Acts Chapter 7 in its entirity

Walk for 30 minutes - Add another friend to your walk. You now have your very own support group. Discuss the heroes in your lives.


Read Psalms 31 through 35

In your Meditation Journal - record the events in your life that have led to a crisis situation with either a friend or family member. Write down how you reacted to the situation. Record how you felt afterwards. Did you do everything you could have? Were you lacking in courage? Did you panick? Did you maintain a calm and focused attitude? List where you could make improvement to better enable you to react differently the next time you are faced with a crisis situation.

In your prayer journal pray for the heroes in your own life. Pray for courage in your own life. Pray for the heroes that have suffered through tragedy and lived to tell about it. Pray for the heores that never made it through their crisis and pray for their family members that were left behind to grieve. Ask God to watch over you always, to be your Helper and protector.

Rest knowing that God will give you courage to face your foes and any obstacles placed in front of you.

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