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Pregnancy and Abortion

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A Rose Among Thorns is not a professional counseling service.  For professional advice and counseling, please contact one of the many women's services provided on this website.  If you are suicidal, please contact 911 or your crisis hotline service immediately.  A Rose Among Thorns is a friendly and save environment for women to join together for the mere purpose of sharing with each other our stories, to form friendships and to gain back our self-esteem.

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Pregnancy and Abortion

I met my ex-husband in my early twenties. We lived together for 6 1/2 years. After wed lived together for a few years, we decided to have our first child. It took just a few months before we received word that we were pregnant.

Both of us were happy. Especially me, knowing that human life was growing inside of me. I wanted to do everything right. I watched everything I ate and though I never felt the life of the child move inside of me, I knew he was alive and thriving, growing and developing into a small fetus.

When I was in my fourth month, the life of my child was taken from me in a split second. If I had known beforehand, I would have done everything different. But you never know what God has in store for your.

The bus was overly crowded this day, and I was shy and very quiet. It was hard for me to talk to strangers. I was afraid to ask any for their seat because I didnt think they would believe I was really pregnant. So Instead I stood. The bus stopped very abruptly causing me to fall forward down the isle of the bus. I caught myself on the back of a seat. I felt a pull in my lower abdomen and immediately I started losing my baby.

I had a DNC at the hospital and I would never be the same again. After the pregnancy was terminated, I went into a deep state of depression that would last over a year. For the first few months I did nothing but cry. I felt empty and lost. Angry, frustrated. I didnt know what to do with myself. I gave up on everything. Nothing really mattered to me any more.

I just wanted to crawl into a dark whole somewhere and die. I did not want to face the pain and the sorrow. I grieved night after night for the loss of my child. I could not understand why God had chosen to take my child.

I would, after a time, start seeing a phsychiatrist in order to get over my loss. I didnt seem to work. She wanted to put me on medication, to which I refused. I didnt want medication. I wanted to feel right again. Over the course of several years, I would have bouts of depression. I would never be the same again. I was sure of it. My relationships began to falter. Especially with my ex. He was into drugs and alcohol and he used the exuse of my losing the baby to abuse me. Often he would rape me. Then I got pregnant a second time.

At first I did not want to tell him. I was afraid he would hurt me and my unborn child. But I also knew I couldnt keep this a secret from him.

That night when I told him about the baby, he grew angry. He wanted to me to have an abortion because he didnt feel hed be a good father. I refused the abortion. In my heart I do not believe in abortion. Not as any type of birth control method. I suppose you can say I am Pro-Life.

My ex was not happy with my decision about an abortion, so he decided he would take her life instead. So he threw me face down on the ground and started kicking me. I ended up in the hospital with damaged kidneys. But the baby survived.

It was a miracle really. For several reasons. As my baby grew and developed inside my body, I began to witness the miracle of life. Hearing my childs heart beat for the first time was amazing. I nearly cried with joy and relief knowing that my baby was healthy and thriving despite all we had gone through together.

The first movements I felt of my child were like little butterfly wings, softly fluttering inside of me. At first I did not recognize it as the movement of my child. But as she grew bigger, the movements became more distinct. And near the last part of the pregnancy, you could distinguish the feel of her elbow, or the heal of her foot. Yes, the latter months were difficult. I was big and fat and uncomfortable. But my baby was alive.

She came into the world a few weeks early and she had a lot of medical problems. But we survive the worst of times. Now she is 13 and we are experiencing a whole new set of problems. But I wouldnt give anything for those times. I love her as much today as I did when I first knew I was going to have her.

Pregnancy may be a difficult choice for some. Maybe you are a teenager, or a single mother addicted to drugs. Maybe you just never planned for this to happen. But abortion is really not the answer. There are women all over the world who cannot have children of their own. They will never experience the first heartbeat. Or the first movement, or hear the first cries of their own babies.

There are women all over the world that long to sit down at night and rock their baby to sleep and tuck him into bed at night.

There are adoption centers all around. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call them.

I have provided a few links about pregnancy and abortion that I hope will help you to make a wise choice about your pregnancy.

Remember, the fetus within you, is a living and breathing life that God has given to you. Not to anyone else. To you. You need to make the right choice. If you need to talk to someone, call on a pastor at a church near you, or to someone at the church who is willing to listen to you. There are alternatives to abortion. Please think long and hard before making a decision you may regret for the rest of your life. Once you chose abortion, you cant take back the life once its gone.

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I desire everoyone to know the Lord as I know him, as my Savior. 
I have not always given time to think where I might end up when I die, until I attempted to take my own life.  Depression led me to attempt suicide in January 2004.  I have hated my choice ever since.
My life seemed pretty desolate.  Everything was going wrong and I couldn't see a way out of it.  I was angry, hurt, feeling so alone.  I regret now the choice that I made.
Now I am taking a proactive choice in living.  I am in the Word daily, learning about the mirace that Jesus and God had performed, and about wisdom, and learning to live right with God.
Even though Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, for our sins, He is still alive today.  He rose and went to Heaven.  But He still works in our lives every day, giving us strength, wisdom, and the ability to do His will.
If you would like to learn more about Jesus Christ and His Father and would like to know how you can  know Him as your personal Savior, I would be glad to speak with you and share with you my experience and knowledge.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.
If you would like to talk to me you can email me at the address below and I will respond as quickly as possible.  We can continue to email each other, or we can arrage to meet at my church or yours and talk more in depth if you wish.

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