Tomorrows Dream

Chapter 3

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Rus Lane slammed the door to his supervisor’s office. He was angry. Angrier than he’d ever been in his life. He knew he shouldn’t be this darned angry, but he was. He sat down at his desk, rummaged through a few drawers, looking for nothing imparticular, then slamming them in satisfaction.

Why him? He had to ask himself again, for the fourteenth time. Why was he suddenly in charge of welcoming a newcomer aboard the department, and helping her to get situated in her new job.

Rus Lane hated all women. He had a very good reason too. Just a year earlier his wife had left him. Walked out on him and his fifteen year old son. Ricky had yet to adjust to the situation, and, if his actions of late held any indication, he was not anywhere near accepting it now.

He’d done a lot of praying about it. But the Lord was taking a slow time about answering. Rus just knew time was running out. He found himself losing patience. His son was heading out of control. Tattoos and knives. He wasn’t sure what would be next. A gun.

That thought scared him. He knew up front just what a gun could do. He had the wounds to prove it.

Rus sat at his desk stewing for another few minutes. The new hire was due to arrive within minutes. He was on edge and needed to collect himself before she came in. She was a physiologist or something like that. She came well qualified according to his Captain. She’d had a huge success record, though Rus, himself, wasn’t sure what that meant.

He took a few minutes for prayer, asking God for strength and wisdom. Just as he was finishing up, a shadow fell across his desk.

He barely had time to collect himself, when his eyes met hers. A rage so defined set in immediately. Before she could say a word in greeting, Rus came to his feet, his eyes shooting daggers at her.

Callie stood back, never losing eye contact with the man in front of her. She squared her shoulders and straightened her back. She hadn’t felt the need to react like this in a very long time.

Suddenly she wondered what had provoked this man.

"You," is all Rus could stammer. "You. I never thought I’d see you again, but here you are. What are you doing in my police station?"

Callie was speechless. She gasped for air, trying desperately to think of something to say. Instead she said a quick prayer. Lord, I don’t know what is going on here, but I don’t like it. Something has outraged this man and it frightens me. But I know I can handle this. I can handle anything with your help.

"Excuse me," Callie began, "But I’m certain you must have me confused with someone else. Have I done something wrong?"

Rus’s eyes bored into hers. His were dark and ominous, almost black. Hers were the color of summer grass. They sparkled in the light and her golden hair hung about her shoulders like a gleaming curtain. It was the hair he had noticed the day he’d been shot. It’s the same hair now that reminded him all to well of that day.

He was incensed. A rage coiled up so tight inside of him he thought he would explode. "Lady, you nearly got me killed. Do you know what it cost me to protect you that day? Do you?"

Rus Lane was practically yelling now. Everyone in the office stopped and stared. Even the Captain had stepped out of his office to see what the commotion was all about.

Callie knew immediately who this man was. He’d been the one who’d fallen on top of her the day she’d stopped at the bank for money. That had hardly been her fault, had it? Suddenly she wasn’t so sure. She’d thought about that day many times and she’d prayed about it each time.

She’d hardly been able to accept what had happened. She’d been in shock for several days, walking around numb and unable to eat. But the Lord had helped her through it all.

"Why are you angry with me?" Callie asked, lowering herself into a seat in front of Rus. She crossed her legs as if to get comfortable.

This only managed to irritate Rus. "Excuse me, that’s my chair," he demanded. "Please get out of it and find your own chair."

Captain Lee made a step forward to intervene. This was not a good way to induct a new employee into her job. But as he inched in her direction, he stopped momentarily, watching as the lady lowered her leg, and leaned into Rus’s direction.

Her eyes were steady and unafriad. She had masked her expression and Captain Lee was impressed.

"Since I haven’t actually been shown to my desk, I believe, this chair is as good as any. Now, if you will explain to me why you are upset . . ."

She didn’t get to finish before Rus exploded. "Upset. Upset. Do I look upset to you? Upset doesn’t begin to explain how I feel."

Callie reached into a briefcase and retrieved a notebook. She lowered herself back down into her chair and leaned back casually. She flipped open her notebook, took her pen and poised it to begin writing.

"Maybe you should tell me, then, exactly how you feel?"

"I don’t need no psycho analyst to interpret my feelings. I just need you to leave."

Callie sighed. She wanted to laugh, but held it in check. She didn’t think that would be such a good idea.

"That would be impossible, Mr . . ." Callie checked the name plate in the center of the desk. "Lane. Mr. Lane, I have an obligation to fulfill and I intend to do just that. Your Captain has hired me to do a job and I have signed a one year contract with him." She was rambling, but it was the truth. "I do not take this job lightly. I will not be leaving before my year is up." She had a coy smile on her face and this seemed to rattle Rus’s cage a bit. "I may not leave at all," she said at last.

Rus’s steam was quickly leaving him. "Well then, if you don’t leave, I will."

Rus grabbed at his jacket that hung on the back of his chair. He stomped away in a huff, heading out of the building. Callie stared after him, breathless, confused, and more than a little dumbfounded. She didn’t know what to say, think, or even to feel. She thought now would be a good time to pray. So she did.


Chapter 4

Can a woman find love when she's lost everything? See how Callie and Rus Lane overcome the obstacles of loss and grief when two hearts are united by the works of God.

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