A Rose Among Thorns

Men Mentoring Men

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There is misconception that men are strong and never cry.  But men are human.  They have emotions just as women do.  There are times when their burdens become too much.  Illness, financial matters, spiritual difficulties.  There are a number of things that can make a man weak and fall from grace.  There are times he needs a friend with compassion and understanding.  Someone who can help him through the rough times.  Someone who can help him stay on the right path and not stray into the darkness of sin.  Lend someone spiritual guidance.  Lend them strength in the time of weakness.  Bring them joy in a time of great sadness.  Lend them comfort, praise, or simply be a friend to them.
Be a light to someone today. 
If you are a male and would like to mentor another male, to pray with him, and to simply be a friend, then send an email today to:

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